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When Dart Casting is commissioned to design and build a tool, we guarantee that the results will meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

We work with the best tooling engineers in the industry and use the latest technology to ensure the tool is designed to perform. A well-designed tool can reduce the price per piece by reducing scrap, increasing efficiency, and sustaining higher shot counts.

Some tools can be difficult to create, and we never shy away from a good challenge. We have a reputation for being creative and solving complex tooling problems that our competition often doesn't want to attempt.



Designed for cross-functional use, maximum life, interchangeability, and cost-effectiveness.



Designed to minimize machining and secondary handling. Cavity design features can include inserts for easy replacement of high wear areas.


Engineering Expertise

Our engineers have a long and successful track record of designing creative tooling solutions for complex projects.



Advanced tooling technology allows parts to get cast right the first time. Optional flow analysis will simulate part production parameters and allow for tooling modifications to be made in the design phase to maximize a set or series of parameters that are specific and/or critical to the parts quality.


Maximize Life Span

Each tool is designed and treated with the goal of keeping it functional as long as possible.



Tools can be designed to be used for a number of different products and reduce production cost.

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