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Transitioning an existing tool to a new supplier can be tricky. Getting a sample made of your product and going into full production mode can be time-consuming and expensive. Dart Casting offers a FastTrac service for all transfer tooling projects that vastly reduces the time, cost and headaches involved in such a process. 

We will provide you a sample casted product — from tooling arriving at our dock to your door step — in 48 hours. Give us a call and we’ll gladly provide you the contacts of customers that have gone thru this process so you can hear for yourself how smoothly FastTrac helped accomplish a tooling transfer.


Tooling Receipt and Analysis

Dart Casting coordinates the transportation of the tooling to our facility. Once the tool hits our dock the clock starts. We inspect the tool and provide you with a report that includes a summary of the condition and outlines our plan for any necessary adaptations and repairs.


In-house Tooling Adaptation

Once approved, we perform all repairs, maintenance, and adaptation in-house. Dart Casting replaces worn or damaged cores and ejector pins, tests water lines, cleans and polishes the cavities, and performs any other repairs that would be required to run the tool.


Tooling Prep and Set

It’s time to cast! FastTrac projects are very important to Dart Casting and get scheduling priority. The tool is fitted on an appropriately sized machine and set-up is performed. Once everything is in order we start making your sample.



Once the sample is complete, we overnight it to you. From start to finish, you have a sample part within 48 hours.

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