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Dart Casting manufactures high-pressure aluminum die castings and is organized to meet strict process controls while achieving top quality on even the most difficult of parts. Our organization’s priority is to serve our customer’s every need. We have the flexibility, resources, and experience to get the job done.


Customer Service

Dart Casting has grown its business by providing customers with the best possible service. A proven track record of bending over backwards to meet client requests has solidified our primary customer base and has attracted new clients into the mix. “We Make it Happen” has served as the company’s core promise to our customers, and we do whatever it takes to back it up.

Quality Products

While the company provides many benefits to its customers, the performance of the products themselves is the foundation of the business. A passion for producing the highest quality products is a clear mission for Dart Casting. Great products are created by great people using the best equipment and latest technology while implementing and constantly controlling a solid process.

Resources & Experience

We have a tremendous amount of experience manufacturing high-pressure aluminum die castings for a broad range of industries. We can cast aluminum products up to 25 lbs. and we offer secondary operations such as machining, shot blasting, painting, assembly, and more – whatever it takes to get your product ready to perform – we have the resources and experience to make it happen!

Invested in the Future

Keeping products American-made requires innovative thinking and constant adjustments in order to stay competitive. Through investments in our people, technological innovations, state-of-the-art machines, and continuous process improvements, Dart Casting is focused on manufacturing parts domestically at an affordable price for the long haul.


Plain and simple: we believe that products made in America are better. As international manufacturing tries to compete by taking advantage of their workforce with low-wages, Dart Casting manufactures amazing products in the heart of the US and continues to provide great jobs for Americans while offering competitive pricing to benefit our client’s bottom line. What truly makes our country great is our ability to build quality products while supporting and growing our local businesses and communities.

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