Made in the USA

Plain and simple: we believe that products made in America are better.

As international manufacturing tries to compete by taking advantage of their workforce with low-wages, Dart Casting manufactures amazing products in the heart of the US. We continue to provide great jobs for Americans while offering competitive pricing to benefit our client’s bottom line. What truly makes our country great is our ability to build quality products while supporting and growing our local businesses and communities.


We strive to get each project perfect the first time. Keeping each step of our process local and under the watchful eye of experts ensures the highest level of quality.

Investment in People

We support hard-working Americans by letting them earn an honest wage while encouraging career advancement.

Investment in Technology

Automation and process controls have allowed us to reduce scrap and improve machine up-time.

Investment in Community

Maintaining a business in America helps to provide community services and future career choices for our youth.